Sulking :-(

My greatest cycling challenge yet, turned out to be my greatest cycling disappointment yet. I managed to do about 50 miles of the Etape Eryri Canol but I couldn’t finish – it was just too tough and a puncture gave me the excuse I needed to quit. I am gutted but it was just too hard for me.

What’s worse is that – it’s six weeks since the Etape and I haven’t been on my bike since. First I was knackered, so I wanted a rest for a few days, a few days became a week then a month and now nearly two months. I can’t explain why – I seem to have just got out of the habit of cycling and can’t get back into it.It feels a bit like when your sulking with a friend – you want to make friends but you don’t know what to say and your a bit nervous about making the first move.

I haven’t even finished paying for my bike yet! A deduction for the cycle to work scheme is still coming out of my salary every month and my lovely Bianchi is sitting in the shed unloved. I’ve also put on six pounds in six weeks! Not only because of the lack of exercise but due to the comfort eating and boredom of sitting at home instead of getting out on my bike. I wonder if I’ve lost all the fitness I’d built up already?

So unfortunately no pics of beautiful Snowdonia scenery and my lovely Bianchi bike this month – but no more excuses during August. Today is the first day of the month, I’ve re read my posts, reminded myself how much I enjoyed cycling and have promised myself that I will start again tomorrow 😉




5 thoughts on “Sulking :-(

  1. So did you ride your bike today? I don’t know about there in Wales but I know where I live the weather has hardly been inspiring to do anything really. Maybe just set aside 30 minutes for a quick ride out to the shops and you’ll soon be back into it. Or maybe take your bike on your car to ride somewhere different – riding the same old routes soon gets boring I think. As the Nike saying goes, Just Do It! 🙂

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      1. Ah very good. It’s been some time since I last went out on my bike, mainly down to the weather. We went on a local skyride on Sunday (well not local to us, it was 40 minutes up the motorway) but it was so nice to ride somewhere I’ve never been before.


  2. I came to comment to say just that. Don’t “go out for a big ride” just go out and do an errand on your bike, then call on a friend and go to a café. I have been in your position many times but I am lucky as two days a week I have an easy 15km round trip to work and just do it as it’s a commute. As soon as I start planning a ride on my own I procrastinate. I now have August chocker with visitors and after my most inspired month ever feel I am now going to fall flat on my face. Get on your bike and ride 😉 Wish I could just drive over and come and ride with you for the day, slowly, via cafés. Much love x

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