Settling into 2016

“Settle into the Climb” “Find your Rhythm” “Relax into the Hill” say experienced cyclists, I never knew what they meant.

I want to get to the top of the hill as fast as I can, to get it over with and enjoy the down hill. Recently I’ve tackled some pretty steep and long climbs and have at last understood, what I bet is obvious to everyone else, Cycling isn’t just about your body – its your mind too!

Phew …what a revelation! When I was a kid I raced around on my bike and had to get everywhere as fast as possible and definitely before my little brother. I  had no gears at all, but was fit and carefree enough to get up every hill and squeal with delight on the way down.

Since taking up cycling as an adult, I’ve had to learn a lot of new skills like changing gears, feathering the brakes, cycling in traffic. I’ve also had to learn to relax into the hill and just concentrate on turning the pedals once, then once more,  one more and eventually, slowly I make it to the top AMAZING.

It’s very liberating to just think about the immediate, not procrastinate about the future or look back and worry about. Not to get too philosophical about it its quiet a good approach to life and one I am going to try for 2016.

So as I try and “Settle into 2016” here are a few pics of the very rewarding views of Snowdonia I’ve enjoyed as a result of the my hard work getting up all those bloody hills this Winter.

IMG_0567 (1)IMG_0502IMG_0535IMG_0551IMG_0504 (1)IMG_0487IMG_0521 (3)IMG_0553


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