Bike Like A Girl………Keep up!

I’ve been thinking about starting this blog for ages. Usual mix of fear, lack of confidence and downright laziness stopped me.

Anyhow, I figured it’s just like a bike ride, really hard to get started, but once you do, you enjoy it. So here I go…

I am new to cycling and to social media! I hit Forty this year and wanted to get fit, so started borrowing my husband’s bike to go for rides.

I’m not exactly a MAMIL (Middle Aged Man In Lycra) but I am as close as it gets (Middle Aged MAM In Lycra). My first go at cycling went well, and I managed to do the Etape Eryri Bach although it took me over 5 hours.

I decided last month that if I really wanted to get serious about cycling, I couldn’t just use my husband’s bike, I’d have to spend some money on myself and buy my own bike. I did some internet research and bought a Bianchi. I then spent a fair bit more on cycling clothes in Aldi. So I was ready to go.

My lovely looking new bike arrived two weeks ago, just as storm Barney and flooding also arrived in North Wales.I did eventually get out on my bike and here’s some pics I took on the way.

As you can see I am really lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the country, Snowdonia; so I feel I have a real advantage when it comes to getting motivated to go out.

So, two weeks on and about six rides out on my new bike – what have I learned about cycling?

Well, my top tip for any MAMIL, Marvellous Amazing Mams In Lycra, trying to fit in cycling with children, work, family, is simple, “Get out on our Bike” as often as you can. Don’t say “I’ll just put the washing out and then I’ll go” or “I’ll just pop to Tesco and then go on my bike”. Your morning, afternoon will be gone. As soon as you have a moment to yourself, get out and enjoy. All the stuff you have to do will still be there when you get back, but you’ll return feeling uplifted and energised.

So that’s it I’ve made a start with my first post, and I did quite enjoy it. My aim is to follow up with more thoughts on my cycling ‘journey’ and maybe even some helpful tips for others new to cycling. Anyhow, please leave your comments and let me know what you think so far ……


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